EFT is also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping. EFT corrects the imbalances in your energy system by tapping on the meridian points around your body, whilst tuning in to the issues you are facing.

We need to get to the root cause of the problem, this will create a huge shift in your energy system and will have a domino effect on a lot of other problems you are facing. It is like peeling an onion, everything we tap on will take off a layer, we keep on going until the problem is cleared. With Miss Genie’s guidance you can quickly eliminate your problems.

Yes EFT is very safe and there are no negative side effects. The worst that can happen is ‘nothing’, meaning that it doesn’t shift the current problem you are trying to eliminate.

There are a lot of help material out there, even on this website. However, like anything – using a qualified trainer will help you navigate through your problems more effectively to get to the core issue, for faster progress.

No you don’t have to believe in it. However, what I can guarantee is that when you see EFT working for you, your belief system will change.

EFT is the quickest way to get to the root of the problem. EFT can eliminate some issues in less than 60 minutes. EFT is very safe. EFT is used when all other therapies have failed.

“If you want to clean the house, you got to see the dirt!” For EFT to work we need to tune in to the problem, so we do this using negative affirmations whilst tapping. When we have released those negative emotions we then swap the affirmations for positive ones to have a profound effect. If we are trying to eliminate the fear of flying, it would be no good to start thinking about what you are having for dinner that evening, this is not how EFT works”

You may not be using the correct words. You may need to contact an EFT Trainer to help you. Try drinking a glass of water, you may be slightly de-hydrated and energy flows better when you are hydrated.

Although some people may believe that EFT is using the distracting technique, the truth of the matter is – if the user is actually distracted from the problem and not tuning in, it would not work. As long as you are tuned in to the problems (which we try to do through using negative affirmations) then it will work, even if you don’t believe it to.

You will find a lot of evidence on line and studies, if you would like to read all the studies, please keep on reading!

Millions and millions of people around the world! We work with actors, singers, celebrities, doctors, students, CEO’s, psychologists, dog walkers and so on. I am sure you get the idea! Basically we work with anyone who has an issue they want to work on.

There is no limit! However, when tapping we release lots of toxins so we must drink water to flush out those toxins. I would recommended the minimum you do, is just a few minutes a day – make it part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. Tap whilst you waiting for the kettle to boil, whilst waiting for some food in the oven, whilst sat on the loo…. you get my drift.

You will notice a shift in your thoughts about that subject matter, when your thoughts are neutralised or more positive, a shift has occurred and EFT has been successful.

These are signs of an energy release – this is positive! This means something has shifted. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen, however, it can still mean EFT has worked – the results just may be more subtle

That’s ok, EFT has a variety of techniques which we can use to get rid of the problem so you don’t have to talk about it if you really don’t want to.